Friday, October 22, 2004

Coverage of Subpoena, Ads in Chron

The Houston Chronicle has a front page report on Tom DeLay's no good, terrible, very bad day yesterday, and the use of DeLay in campaigns around the country. (Not bad placement for a day when Astros coverage dominated local news.)

Featured in the story is the ad campaign we're launching today in Houston on broadcast TV newscasts:

And in Texas, Democrats slapped DeLay, the U.S. House majority leader from Sugar Land, with a subpoena Thursday in an abuse-of-power redistricting lawsuit while [an independent group was] unveiling a new television commercial that calls him arrogant.


On another front, Campaign Money Watch of Washington, D.C., announced it is starting a television advertising campaign today against DeLay in the Houston area. Director David Donnelly said the ads are scheduled to run during broadcast news programs and that he hopes to have $100,000 to air the ads until Nov. 2.

Watch the ad here.

More later...