Monday, October 25, 2004

The definition of "admonish" and "reality"

DeLay channels Clinton (i.e., depends on what your definition of 'is' is.) in the Galveston County Daily News:

"Look up in the dictionary what admonished means," he said. "All they did was say, 'In this realm, you ought to be careful about your future actions so that the perception, or the appearance, is in keeping with the House.'"

But it's clear he's living in some kind of different reality from what is closing in around him:

"'I'm not being investigated,' DeLay said. 'I have not been contacted. In fact, Ronnie Earle himself has said that I'm not a target of the investigation. None of my records have been subpoenaed or even asked for.'

"However, the Travis County District Attorney's office would not corroborate DeLay's claim. It said that a new grand jury had been empanelled in early October and was getting up to speed.

"Asked about DeLay’s statement, a spokesman for Earle would only say, 'Anyone who has committed a crime is a target.'"