Friday, October 22, 2004

A Scorcher of a Column

Wow. Read the Fort Bend Star's Bev's Burner column (thanks to Offthekuff). The whole thing.

It was almost impossible to choose just one (I liked the ending "Although I am a Republican precinct chair, I am reminded of what John F. Kennedy said many years ago: 'Sometimes party loyalty requires too much.'"), but here's a choice paragraph:

According to knowledgeable sources, DeLay has even set up special rooms at the Capitol for the lobbyists who contribute to his causes. He supposedly meets with them regularly and lets them write the legislation. He browbeats lobbyists to give so much money to his causes that he started giving it to other groups and developing multi-schemes to circumvent the campaign finance laws. Many of his ex-staffers have gone to work for the groups he started and two of his very good friends (one an ex-staffer) lately billed several Indian tribes $45 million to lobby and PR for them.