Thursday, October 21, 2004

Tom DeFlu: Tone deaf or out of touch

Tom DeLay was among the members of Congress to receive a flu shot, even as the issue of shortages ripple across America as a health and political concern.

Setting aside the possible validity of DeLay's reasoning, that he is in contact with lots of others and needs to prevent himself from spreading the flu, does anyone else believe he is just tone deaf on this, or is he really just out-of-touch?

Here's what his spokesperson said to the Houston Chronicle:
"The House doctor recommended that members get the flu shot because they would be in a position of carrying or passing along the virus," DeLay spokesman Jonathan Grella said. "Particularly in this season of (campaign) visits to nursing homes and senior centers, we can't afford to take that risk."
Campaigning among voters is a health "risk"? Hello?!?

And here is the response from a citizen who doesn't buy it:

Bette Gunnerson, a resident of St. Dominic Village Nursing Home in Houston, called the shots for lawmakers and other Capitol Hill workers "unfair."

"I think I should be entitled to a shot before a healthy man in Washington," she said. "It's a shame senior citizens have to stand outside drug stores waiting for the vaccine. It's just a disgrace."