Monday, November 29, 2004

More Minnesota action

In addition to Rep. Gutknecht's (MN-Did Not Vote, but opposed) letter, Minnesota Democrats are turning up the heat on Reps. Kline and Kennedy. A reader passed along an email calling for 'Rallies for Integrity' outside their respective congressional offices tomorrow, November 30th at noon local time.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune had already editorialized on this, which prompted Kline to respond (registration required), but without saying how he voted by the way. Instead he chastised the Star-Tribune for asking where he stood:

Finally, you take issue with the private nature of interparty caucus meetings. The closed-door structure of these meetings creates an environment in which dissent is encouraged. You consistently urge lawmakers to act independently and challenge our leadership, yet you would do away with one of the few places in which we do so regularly and freely.

So what was your position, Rep. Kline? Now that you have had the chance to 'act independently and challenge [your] leadership' in private with your colleagues, how about sharing your position with the rest of us...


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