Thursday, November 18, 2004

News Round Up: Time for Letters to the Editor!

There are stories all over the national media about the DeLay rule change, and I suspect that local dailies are carrying the Associated Press or other wire stories. I will post some talking points for letters to the editor, and a helpful link that allows you to submit letters to the editor on-line.

Here are some of the stories I scanned that I thought were insightful and good (some news, some editorial). If you have seen some, post your own.

Boston Globe editorial: Coddling Tom DeLay

New York Times: House G.O.P. Acts to Protect Chief

Houston Chronicle: GOP alters rules to aid DeLay

Los Angeles Times: House GOP Alters Its Rules to Shield Combative DeLay

Denver Post editorial: GOP provides cover for DeLay

Associated Press: House GOP Changes Rules to Protect DeLay


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