Sunday, November 21, 2004

Take Action

Tell House Speaker Hastert to schedule a recorded vote on the DeLay Rule when the 109th Congress convenes.

What we know today.

Update, 11/22/04, 10:45 a.m.: Newsweek hammers DeLay.

But much of the rest of the cash [for DeLay's legal defense fund] comes from a posse of corporate donors such as Texas horse-racing magnate Charles Hurwitz, who, along with his company, Maxxam, has chipped in $10,000 to pay DeLay's legal debts. (Hurwitz also has contributed an additional $24,000 to other DeLay campaign committees in recent years.) Hurwitz and DeLay have a long relationship: when Hurwitz was facing a suit by federal regulators for allegedly defrauding a savings and loan in 1999, DeLay interceded with the chief federal bank regulator in an unsuccessful attempt to get her agency to back off the case. Hurwitz later hosted a golf and marlin-fishing fund-raiser for DeLay at Palmas del Mar, a luxurious resort complex he owns in Puerto Rico.


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