Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Texas DA Criticizes the DeLay Rule

Updates below on votes on the DeLay Rule. Demand a recorded vote on DeLay Rule.

It seems that Ronnie Earle, the district attorney for Travis County, TX, who is heading up the DeLay fund raising investigation, is a little perplexed as to why Congress would pass a law protecting a politician that has yet to be indicted. (You can real his full response in the New York Times).

Last week Congressional Republicans voted to change their rule that required an indicted leader to relinquish his post. They were responding to an investigation by the Travis County grand jury into political contributions by corporations that has already resulted in the indictments of three associates of Mr. DeLay, the House majority leader.

Yet no member of Congress has been indicted in the investigation, and none is a target unless he or she has committed a crime. The grand jury will continue its work, abiding by the rule of law. That law requires a grand jury of citizens, not the prosecutor, to determine whether probable cause exists to hold an accused person to answer for the accusation against him or her.

[Ed. note: Welcome to Rick Bielke, who is going to help out posting stuff here. -- David]


  • Welcome, Rick!

    I don't think we should back down on this issue. I think it's important we let Ronnie Earl's piece be the closing on this particular case.

    I want people to see a man who escaped Justice on a technicality or b/c his friends & family protected him.

    Would love to see this in the Chronicle or on a billboard.

    We need to make Delay the OJ of politics -- a guy that gives everybody the creeps & a criminal people know got away from Justice.

    ideas? what do you guys think?

    btw, excellent work on the post, guys. i'm going on vacation soon & just wanted to wish you happy holidays.

    By Blogger krazypuppy, at 11:24 AM  

  • Guess who said this:"We need new leadership which will act because it is right," he said, "not because they have been caught in cover-ups and scandals. Once again, what we are pointing out here is that we are outraged at the mismanagement of this House, and it is not just this last year. It has been going on for years. It is the arrogance of power, the lack of follow-through, the `Oh, yes, we can push that over in the corner and not address it.'

    yep. Tom Delay -- 11 years ago when he STOOD UP for the rule preventing a Party Leader from holding office after an indictment. Of course, back then, the leader was a Democrat. Guess it doesn't apply to himself.

    can you say hypocrisy?

    By Blogger krazypuppy, at 12:09 PM  

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