Tuesday, November 23, 2004

You say a conference, I say a caucus... let's call the whole thing off

A reader just posted the following comment after speaking with Rep. Rick Renzi's (R-AZ) office:

I just spoke with the office of Rick Renzi (Ariz.-1). His staffer said Renzi did not attend because this was a meeting of the GOP "conference," not the "caucus." Renzi and 68 other Republicans are not members of the conference, the aide told me. Is this true? Neverthelss, Renzi supports the change in the rule in order to give members "due process." Renzi is a recipient of $20,000 from

But according to the official Yellow Book -- the Leadership Directory for Fall 2004, a reference book that sits on virtually every congressional staffers' and lobbyists' desk -- there is no difference whatsoever:

The House Republican Conference is the caucus of all House Republicans.

Maybe Renzi think he didn't pay enough dues... to Tom DeLay's legal defense fund.

[Update: Josh Marshall has the same experience. -- David]

Addendum: And then there is this $113,000 play for Appropriations Chair by Hal Rogers (R-KY). How do you think he voted? Call him at (202) 225-4601, find out, and report back. Thanks, again, to Josh Marshall for the find.


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