Monday, December 06, 2004

Potential New Ethics Charges Against DeLay

Newsweek published an article entitled "DeLay: More Cash—And More Questions." It seems that DeLay, in addition to cramming his war chests full of cash, has been filling his legal defense fund with "donations" from lobbyists (which, according to Public Citizen, is another violation of the House ethics rules but DeLay's office has already promised to return those).

The contributors are laundry list of who's who in corporate America. Two of the more intriguing givers are Bacardi USA and Reliant Energy -- both of whom have been indicted in Texas along with three of DeLay's close associates for violating campaign finance laws as part of the investigation into the redistricting case.

Newsweek questioned DeLay's people about the contributions to the defense fund and they said:

...the checks from Weber and Locke Liddell would be returned promptly; some of the other checks cited by Public Citizen would not because they were signed by wives of the lobbyists rather than the lobbyists themselves. "Obviously we take great care in making sure that we abide by the rules," said DeLay spokesman Jonathan Grella.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that my definition and DeLay's spokesman's definition of "great care" aren't even in the same ballpark.


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