Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Rep. Fossella Can Run But He Can't Hide!

After calling 6 times and sending 3 emails to Rep. Fossella's (R-NY) press secretary, The New York Observer's Ben Smith (kudos, Ben!) was still unable to get an answer on how Fosella voted on the DeLay Rule. Knowing that "members of congress can't hide forever," Smith was able to track down Rep. Fossella at a breakfast forum in New York, more than two weeks after the voice vote, and Fossella finally admitted to Smith that he did in fact vote for the voice rule.

On why he voted for the rule:
"I was in support of the move," Mr. Fossella finally said. "The fundamental morality in this country is you’re innocent until proven guilty."

How quickly Fossella forgot that is was the Republicans who first implemented this rule in 1993 to criticize then-Rep. Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL) that they are now overturning.

Click here to find out how your and other Republican repesentatives voted.


  • hey y'all, you missed this story on delay from the houston press:

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