Thursday, December 09, 2004


Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington -- a great group -- was threatened with contempt of Congress for helping Rep. Chris Bell (D-TX) draft and file the ethics complaint against Tom DeLay, according to the RAW STORY. The threat was contained in a little-noticed paragraph in a 33-page letter written to the House Ethics Committee by DeLay’s private lawyer.

“Representative Bell and CREW have demonstrated contemptuous behavior toward the House and the Committee by improperly obstructing and interfering with the legislative process,” Bethune wrote to House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. David Dreier, “and by libeling a Member in the process.”

CREW’s Melanie Sloan responded appropriately:

“As far as I know they don’t have a jail,” Sloan told RAW STORY Wednesday. “That’s not to say you couldn’t fashion a cell. But it would be, I would think, international news really, if they put someone in jail in the basement of the Capitol.

“It’s my fantasy if they would do that,” she laughed. “And I think the court would have me out of there in an hour.”

[Only a few more shopping days left to help us wish Tom DeLay a happy holidays!]


  • More problems for Delay -- one of the companies that donated to his PAC is cooperating with Earle.

    Company agrees to cooperate with investigation

    This thing's got legs -- & they are Ronnie Earle's!

    Thank god there are SOME good public officials in Texas with integrity!

    More background:

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