Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bob Perry, TRMPAC, DeLay

When I visited Houston recently, the Perry Homes signs were everywhere. Bob Perry runs Perry Homes, which is among the state's largest homebuilders at $420 million in revenues in 2002. Perry is also widely known as the man who funded the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads that are credited in some quarters with thwarting John Kerry's presidential bid.

Perry is a long-time conservative political giver. According to Texans for Public Justice, he was the largest 2002 giver to Tom DeLay's TRMPAC at $165,000.

Monday, a report by Campaigns for People and released by a coalition of Texas groups singles him out as the financial force behind Texas laws that benefit homebuilders and destroy the American dream of home ownership.

Taken together, Perry's $6.9 million to state candidates over the last two cycles, and his gift to elect lawmakers sympathetic to DeLay's redistricting agenda (all GOP), is a one-two punch that adds up to favorable laws enacted on his behalf. This ought to be illegal.

This begs the question: How much can those who are struggling to scrape together a downpayment on a $80,000 or $100,000 home afford to give to politicians? Not much. But affordable housing is a critical issue in all of Houston, and particularly in DeLay's suburban district. Politicians turn a deaf ear to these constituents at their own peril. Perhaps that's why Houston Mayor Bill White just announced an affordable housing program to foreclose on tax deliquent properties, convert them to affordable housing in order to stem the gentrification that forces low income workers out of the city so far from where their jobs are in downtown Houston. (Thanks to Off the Kuff for the link.) It's an issue ACORN in Houston has been working to address, though I don't know what their take is on White's proposal.

We'll be following additional DeLay/Perry links, including the $284,300 he gave to federal candidates, political action committees, and national political parties since the 2000 election cycle. Yes, there is $10,000 to Delay's ARMPAC, the national model for TRMPAC.


  • Very interesting information. I also just learned that Bob Perry is a finacial supporter of John Healey, the Fort Bend County District Attorney, who would not take the Delay case. It seems there is a good ole boy network and they are all tied together. I think there should be some additional investigations into that little group.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:57 AM  

  • The Fort Bend Hearald reported that Fort Bend County's Republican District Attorney's largest contributer is Bob Perry. This now explains why the Fort Bend District Attorney refused to do anything on the Delay prosecution. Even Delay's own attorneys continue to argue that only Fort Bend County could prosecute him. This answered a lot of questions and shows how the political corruption is far reaching. Even the District Attorney's office in Fort Bend County is for sale.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:37 AM  

  • Former Democratic Party Chair in Ft Bend County home of Tom Delay has found that Bob Perry has contributed heavly to the Fort Bend District Attorney. These contributions appear to all be timed to possible illegal acts of elected officials.
    In 2005 the Mayor of Sugar Land Texas made a very questionable purchase of property with the Perrys. Many believed that this purchase was illegal. Whether it was or not has never really been determined. But when this broke, the Perry's made a large contribution to the DA. When Tom Delay was in trouble and Travis County DA Ronnie Earle was trying to get Ft Bend DA John Healey to take the case, the Perry's made another large contribution. Now that same DA is in trouble and yet another large contribution was made by the Perry family. It just makes you wonder, was the Perry family protecting the Sugar Land Mayor, did these contributions keep the Fort Bend DA from prosecuting Delay and why is the DA the only local official that he contributes to. Just what is for sale in Fort Bend County?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:25 PM  

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