Saturday, January 29, 2005

DeLay signals no backing down on Bush/DeLay Privatization Plan

From the Washington Post:

Worried about the possible peril to narrow GOP majorities in the House and Senate, Republican lawmakers have hesitated to embrace Bush's call for adding individual stock and bond accounts to the government's nearly 70-year-old retirement system. But House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas, who told the White House only a month ago that he preferred to tackle the tax code instead, went before a party retreat Friday morning and said the lawmakers had a "moral obligation" to take on the politically risky issue.

"First and foremost on the agenda is, and must be, a comprehensive package to strengthen retirement security for all generations," DeLay said in remarks that were closed to reporters but described by attendees. "This opportunity for reform may not come again, and we have a moral obligation to seize it."


DeLay, with Capitol Police officers guarding the doors, acknowledged that some of the coming votes would be hard but spoke of an "appointment with history" and said, "We cannot control how long we serve, only how well." (emphasis added)


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