Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Texas-bound, to listen and pick up advice.

Weather permitting, I am going to Houston tomorrow to meet with activists and political leaders regarding our past, present, and future DeLay-related work. I'll be there tomorrow and Thursday, and ten drive up to Austin for meetings on Friday. I'll post my initial reactions to what I hear and see while there each day, so come back and read, comment, etc.

In Houston, I am excited about meeting with grassroots activists in DeLay's district and elsewhere in Houston, and with leaders from the growing Asian community and labor. Houston is not a labor town by any stretch, which makes their recent breakthrough hotel organizing drive notable. I often find the best advice comes from those on the ground, so I will be doing a lot of listening.

I will also meet a few bloggers and visit with a few political leaders.

Once in Austin, I am looking forward to meeting Lou DuBose, a journalist who co-wrote The Hammer with Jan Reid, the only book I know dedicated solely to understanding and explaining Tom DeLay. I also will see people from a variety of organizations, many at a meeting hosted by old friend and rabble-rouser, Craig McDonald of Texans for Public Justice.

Lest you go through Daily DeLay withdrawal, I will attempt to post at least once a day on how the meetings have gone, what I hear, and what interesting things I find along the way. To that end, I am bringing a camera -- I will take some pictures to help liven up the travelogue.


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