Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Hubris!

Tom "The Hammer" DeLay, commenting on the opportunities for the Republicans this Congress in the Financial Times:

Tom DeLay, the powerful Republican congressman from Texas and House Majority Leader, said Mr Bush has a great opportunity to advance an ambitious programme of change but offered a note of caution: “The only thing that could dampen this opportunity is our hubris.”

Still, DeLay has mapped out an ambitious -- so might say unattainable -- agenda for this session of Congress. In CongressDaily, he outlines a dandy of an agenda:

The House is working on a three-tier legislative plan for the 109th Congress, Majority Leader DeLay told reporters today, with Social Security and tax reform, as well as the budget resolution and FY05 supplemental war funding filling out the top tier. "Yes we can do both," he said, referring to moving Social Security and some sort of tax package over the next two years.

The second tier includes moving outstanding legislation such as tort overhaul, association health plans, trade bills, reauthorizations and highway and energy bills. DeLay said he intends to pass the energy bill, the highway bill and the budget resolution through the House by Easter recess in late March. The third tier includes bills to "protect marriage and the unborn," DeLay said, predicting that the upcoming session will be "probably the most productive Congress since we've been in the majority."

Oh, the hubris!


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