Tuesday, March 15, 2005

American-Statesman gets it right.

An editorial from the Austin American-Statesman hit the nail (or the Hammer) on the head. The last four paragraphs are exactly right:

How long the GOP will put up with DeLay's power plays and ethical lapses is a matter for speculation. But some Republicans already are acknowledging that DeLay's position is weakening.

One Republican consultant quoted recently resorted to a remarkable bit of verbal gymnastics to describe DeLay's position. "The situation is negatively fluid right now for the guy," he said.

DeLay brought this on himself. His scorched-earth partisanship, coziness with lobbyists and flippant attitude toward House ethics rules made him a vulnerable target.

Republicans would be wise to get themselves another majority leader before more damage is done.

From Burnt Orange Report.


  • "The situation is negatively fluid right now for the guy" ....
    .... sounds like a fancy way of saying the guy is drowning.

    By Anonymous iamintexas, at 5:09 PM  

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