Wednesday, March 02, 2005

If the plaintiffs in the TRMPAC civil suit win...

...they should donate the money they win in damages to the institute Ronnie Earle is setting up at the University of Texas to educate the public about corporate money in politics.

DeLay and the attorneys for TRMPAC are all claiming the five former Democratic state legislators who brought the suit are just looking to "get rich quick." I don't know what kind of damages they're seeking -- roughly $25 million has been kicked around -- but I can't imagine that anyone really believes money is the motivator for them. It's not like being a state representative pays much (though many use this perch to collect other jobs), so they haven't lost a lot of pay.

So, plaintiffs, pledge to give every dollar away to Earle's institute. Three corporations have already done it. It would send a good message. This case is a battle for public opinion.


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