Saturday, March 26, 2005

More editorials, news, and Media Matters pokes holes in GOP report

Editorials (registration required for all):

Sacramento Bee: "Showing his meddle"
San Diego Union-Tribune: "Disgraceful DeLay" (thanks to reader Eugene)
Charleston (WV) Gazette: "DeLay, Still More Allegations"


Washington Post: "Schiavo Case Tests Priorities for GOP"

Interesting excerpt:

One senior GOP lawmaker involved in the negotiations, who did not want to speak for the record, said that DeLay, who is fighting ethics charges on several fronts, faced considerable pressure from Christian conservative groups to respond to pleas by the parents of the brain-damaged woman to intervene before her husband, Michael Schiavo, removed the feeding tube that kept her alive. The lawmaker said that DeLay "wanted to follow through" but added that many House Republicans were dubious and suspected that the leader's ethics problems were a motivating factor.

Media Matters: "The Hill recycled GOP research, painted misleading picture..."


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