Monday, March 28, 2005

More reflection on WSJ editorial

The Wall Street Journal editorial below stops a hair's breadth short of calling on DeLay to step down.

I've spent a little time perusing around the blogosphere today, particularly looking at what some more conservative writers and bloggers are saying. Red State and Michelle Malkin (scroll down) are distancing themselves. That's the impact of a WSJ editorial, I guess.

But what has got me most intrigued is this: The WSJ, as a Monday to Friday publication, had to assess as early as Friday last week whether to give over it's prime newspaper real estate to taking on DeLay and his ethics. Sure, final touches were added on Sunday, but they stayed completely away from the Schiavo case and any mention of the end of life decision regarding his father. It was all about the scandals, and there was nothing new on that this weekend.

It's no secret the WSJ edit board is tight with the market-driven, establishment Republicans in Washington. I can't see any way they would have written this without notifying DeLay or his staff, and other leading GOP bigwigs. The next few days are critical for DeLay. Will the wagons circle, or will there be more defections of this magnitude? What member of Congress will ask DeLay, privately or publicly, to step down?


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