Tuesday, March 29, 2005

NYT previews our ad campaign

We're doing a press conference on the phone with reporters from all over the country about this tomorrow, so stay tuned for more details, but I wanted to share a Glen Justice-reported New York Times piece on DeLay, our TV ads and the ads being run by Campaign for America's Future.

We'll have a link to our ads up tomorrow. Here's a snippet from the piece:

The Public Campaign Action Fund is spending $25,000 to pressure Republican lawmakers to denounce Mr. DeLay. Those targeted include Representative Doc Hastings of Washington, the chairman of the Ethics Committee, and Representative Thomas M. Reynolds of New York, who heads fund-raising for House Republicans.

The ad involving Mr. Hastings exhorts him to "do your job and clean up Congress without delay." (Ed note: Actually, Glen, it's "without DeLay.")

Ellen Miller, deputy director at the Campaign for America's Future, said the group was focused on ethical issues throughout Congress.

"As with fish, rot starts at the head," Ms. Miller said. "The litany of complaints concerning ethical lapses by Tom DeLay have reached a point where somebody has to stand up and say 'wait a minute.' "

Yes, that's a money quote.

The other target of our ads, by the way, is Connecticut Representative Rob Simmons.

Like I said, more, much more, tomorrow.

UPDATE: Knight Ridder piece by Maria Recio and DeLay's allies fighting back -- Daily DeLay in both.


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