Friday, March 04, 2005

Taking Care Of Their Own

The Texas Observer reports that former TRMPAC Director John Colyandro has joined a nefarious group of lobbyists who continue their trade even after being indicted. Colyandro’s company includes two former chorines of former U.S. House Transportation Committee Chair Bud Shuster (R-Pa), who, according to the Observer, is "one of the few Congressmen who can match Tom DeLay’s record for ethics scandals."

The article makes light that since Colyandro's indictment, his lobbying income has soared to new heights. So far this year he has matched his income from what he made lobbying all of last year--all of which is money earned post-indictment. According to the Observer:
“Colyandro and TRMPAC board member Jim Ellis both lobbied for highway contractor VMS a year before their indictments. Both men are affiliated with a Virginia consulting firm called Performance and Results International Strategy Management (PRISM). Jim Ellis still has a voicemail box at PRISM’s headquarters located outside Washington and Colyandro’s current lobby filings list “PRISM” as his lobby firm.

”Ellis—a close aide to Tom DeLay—could be providing for Colyandro through PRISM.”

The Observer notes that either the indictment has boosted Colyandro's lobbying prowess or "an alternative explanation is that Team DeLay is taking care of a man who knows too much."


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