Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tom DeLay: "Bring it on"

In response to our ads and ads by Campaign for America's Future criticizing DeLay for his corruption and unethical tenure in Congress (which we think should end, now), Tom DeLay had three words for us all:

"Bring it on."

No joking. Can't imagine Republican colleagues around the country are happy about that.

So, folks, here's how to bring it on:

1. Help us run our ads in targeted Republican districts calling on members of Congress to demand DeLay's resignation

2. Write letters to the editor of your daily newspapers to build a cacophony of voices calling on DeLay to rsign.

3. Sign our petition and post the picture to the right on your blog or website, if you have one.

4. Suggest other ideas in the comments. Consider this an open-source brainstorm.


  • DeLay symbolizes all that is wrong with the New Republican party: corrupt, arrogant, bellicose, mendaciously pious, crafty, avaricious... he no longer represents the people of this republic. As long as the Republicans retain DeLay as their leader, their collective judgement is in question. I certainly have no faith that the Congress will ever pass constructive legislation that benefits ordinary citizens that doesn't have some sleezy corporate benefactor lurking in the wings with their hands stuffing wads of money into DeLay's pocket. The Republicans need to dump DeLay if they EVER want to regain their credibility as a party.

    By Anonymous Robert Kennedy, at 7:43 AM  

  • Delay is an absolute disgrace, and the republicans know it.
    However, that being said, this is just about what I would expect from a party that was so "incapable" of being "elected," that they had to go to the White House "through" the state of Florida, and the U.S. Supreme Court, as well
    Quite a circuitous route to the Oval Office, if you ask me.
    If not for older brother Jeb, and the fact that the Chief Justice for the United States Supreme Court is a frequent visitor to the family ranch in Crawford, Texas, George Bush would still be the drinking, drug using, spoiled son of a rich man.
    With leadership like this, what do you expect? George Bush is the epitome for these people.
    When you are "aiming" only so "high" to begin with, it lowers the bar {and keeps it "lower"]for everyone.
    This country has had seriously low expectations, for the last 4 years, now.
    We "accept" propaganda, we accept government secrecy, we accept torture, we accept corruption, we accept our {once great} Democracy being turned into a Theocracy, we accept whatever particular brand of "baloney" the republican party wants to hand us. It's shameful.
    People in this country, are afraid to criticize the republicans. The republicans have "blown their horn" so hard, so long, and so loudly about"family values," that people are afraid, that to criticize these people, is to be accused of having no values.
    Well, I'm not afraid. George Bush is a "pathetic joke" as a president. The republican party has not changed in the least. They are just as corrupt, as they ever were.
    Their pundits are nothing but paid "propagandists."
    The religious right is nothing but political opportunism, using the Bible and Jesus to "bank-roll political agenda," and "stong-arm" politicians.
    Who are they kidding? These people have the morals of toads. In fact, I like toads better. At least {ecologically} they serve a purpose. Republicans serve no useful purpose in my book.
    Before they start "wagging the finger" at any of the rest of us, they had better clean-up their own act. And they can start with Delay. And they had better do it "pronto," too.
    They are always so happy to tell others that they "have no morals." They had better look in the mirror. They'll see what a real "monster" looks like.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:03 AM  

  • Hopefully we learned from Nov. 2004 that it's about a simple return to the basic values that make this a great country, and not a long string of college SAT words cleverly making our points. DeLay's behavior should be called out for the immorality he now stands for: defying the fundamental values of being accountable for your actions; leaving the average, hard-working American in the dust in favor of special interests. He's become a Washington-ified opportunist and lost his way, driving Congress to take action in a high-profile media circus all for show rather than actually govern like a leader should.

    By Anonymous Liz from Austin, at 8:04 AM  

  • The following is an essay I printed off the alternet website and took with me when I went to a meeting with Congressman Jerry Weller R-IL. He's got an 84% rating by the Christian Coalition and always votes against women's reproductive rights. He almost always votes the DeLay party line, and said he "respected" Tom DeLay in spite of the current ethics problems. He's a red state Congressman in a blue state. There's a small group of us who would like to hold Weller's feet to the fire, how can we be most effective?

    The Tom DeLay Litmus Test
    By Cenk Uygur, AlterNet. Posted March 29, 2005.
    The question that the Democrats need to ask Republican legislators in the Blue States is: Are you with Tom DeLay or against him?

    Republicans have done a great job of painting Democrats as out of touch with Red State values. They have driven Democratic candidates nearly completely off the Red State maps. This is one of the principle reasons the Democrats lost significant ground in the Senate in the 2004 election.

    So, doesn't it make perfect sense that the Democrats return the favor? They need to drive the Republicans right out of the Blue States. The problem is there are still many Republicans masquerading as moderates but consistently voting with the Tom DeLay's extremist policies. You get to vote with the Christian right or you get to call yourself a moderate – but not both.

    The question that the Democrats need to ask Republican legislators in the Blue States is: Are you with Tom DeLay or against him?

    If you're with Tom DeLay, great. Stand next to him and be proud. If you don't agree with him, prove it. If you're against his policies, then vote against them.

    The fact is moderate Republicans have lost the power struggle within their own party. They have no voice and no power. We should rub their faces in it and out them to their constituents. If they don't like the fact that they no longer have say in how the party gets run on the national level, they should revolt and demand more power. If they do like how Tom DeLay is running the party, then their constituents should know that fact.

    I don't believe there are very many people in the Blue States who would stand for having Tom DeLay as their representative. However, there is no difference between your representative and Tom DeLay if DeLay strong-arms your representative into voting for every one of his policies.

    Make all the Blue State Republicans take a Tom DeLay litmus test until they renounce him and what he stands for – or run them all out of office.

    Why are Blue States tolerating so-called moderate Republicans who keep voting with their hard right wing compatriots? Make them accountable. Unless they renounce the extremists who have taken over their party, there should be no Republican left standing in the Blue States.

    Tom DeLay never speaks during Republican conventions, even though he is the House Majority Leader and the most powerful Republican in Congress. Do you think that's a coincidence? Of course not. They know the American people wouldn't be comfortable with DeLay's extreme views. So they hide him in the dark corners of their party. It's time to bring him out into the light.

    And bring all the Blue State Republicans with him.

    This piece originally appeared on Uygur's blog, The Young Turks.

    By Anonymous Karie E., at 8:11 AM  

  • Tom Delay is so hypocritical to call the federal justice system "out of control and unaccountable" in regards to the late Ms. Schiavo. The Austin American Statesman had an article a couple of days ago about how he had to make an "end of life" decision for a family member.

    His hypocrisy increses in that he himself is out of control and unaccountable. If only a fraction of the accusations against him are valid, he needs to resign.

    By Anonymous James, at 8:18 AM  

  • Here in Connecticut our Governor Roland (R) is during time (1 year and 1 day) in prison for taking gifts, corruption and a host of other ethical misdoings. If he is doing time, shouldn't Delay?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:30 AM  

  • Tom DeLay is an example of what is wrong with allowing unlimited terms of office. The person who first said "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" made a very wise obeservation. We need to get rid of unlimited terms of office and thus eliminate the concept of a professional politician. Elected positions should be filled by intelligent, educated people who are public spirited and who would be willing to devote several years to public service without making it a lifetime job from which they expect to retire on a generous pension. Campaign finance should be reformed to make it possible for those who are not independently wealthy to campaign for election without accepting contributions from any entity in amounts so large that they can be controlled by that entity.

    By Blogger Pat King, at 8:54 AM  

  • The best way to defeat the big money PR machine of Tom DeLay and the neo-cons is your call for everyone to phone or write their representatives at all levels. If state and local government officials stand up to this administration and its shell game budget, we might get amazing results. Of course, it's always effective for large numbers of people to phone or write their local newspapers and TV stations. We might encourage churchgoers to complain when their ministers give sermons in support of politicians and narrow issues instead of spiritual matters. In addition, calls, e-mails, or letters to such conservative commentators as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly might have an effect if they get enough of them. Another idea is to send press releases to Jay Leno, David Letterman, and all the other TV comedians and hosts, prompting them to take a look at this issue and comment during their shows. Maybe the most effective tactic would be to get Lou Dobbs of CNN to trumpet the cause.

    Others here have written eloquently about the disgraceful Republican party and its recent incarnation as an expression of arrogance and avarice. Our country is best served by two parties, with differing ideas but similar bedrock ethics like honesty, compassion, and service (in short, REAL adherence to the 10 Commandments plus the Golden Rule). The Republicans have lost their moral compass and pathetically rely now on "Old Testament" Christian pulpits to define their ethics for them. They've abandoned true discourse for so long they've forgotten how to do it, turning instead to talking points, nanny-nanny namecalling, and other Kindergarten-level behavior. It's an amazing display of party organization, and deeply depressing to witness. This won't last forever, and let's do all we can to hasten the swing of the pendulum.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:11 AM  

  • Does Tom Delay really think the American public is so stupid as to have the courts under the control of the government? He must be insane! What would happen to checks and balances if that happened. People would be at the mercy of the "whims" of the
    current government who would decide in favor of their most vocal constituents for fear of losing votes.
    He is the scariest man in politics today and he can't be booted out soon enough!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:48 AM  

  • I keep hearing Tom DeLay say that Terry was "starved to death" - inflammatory language that appears to work. I think ads against him need to use the same kind of inflammatory language. For example, he and his family made the decision to remove his father from a ventilator years ago - Well, guess what happens when a person is removed from a ventilator? They "suffocate" to death. Appparently that is okay and much more humane to DeLay and Company. They have made it seem that denial of food and water is barbaric, but denial of air to breath is not. We have got to stop them from getting away with dominating the characterisation of events such as this. It is all so hypocritical - but he gets away with it because no one hits back in the same slimmy matter.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:14 AM  

  • The "New Republicans" have finally over-reached. Let us now take advantage of this opportunity to expose the corruption. Find a way to move on from the depression of our recent defeats and talk to friends, talk to family, talk to anyone who will listen about DeLay needing to resign. If we let this man stay in office, he will serve as an example to all corrupt men and women in our higher office that they can run rampant over our ideals, and that they can embarrass and abuse this great country.

    By Anonymous Theresa Sellick, at 10:40 AM  

  • The problem with both Storm Trooper DeLay and Der Fuhrer Bush is the same--thirty years of effort by the right wing to "uneducate" the American people and to convert news reporting from fact to lie, rumor, and innuendo. The press failure to inform the American people about the Nazification of America is a disgrace.

    People need only look at the record of these two imbeciles to know they would never have been elected with the press cover up of their many illegal acts!

    If we want change, we need to make not only our representatives, but the press responsible for acurately informing the public of their misdeeds.

    One way we can get rid of DeLay's incompetant, illegal, and abusive use of power is to provide financial support for Richard Morrison, who ran against him in the last election. He only lost by 5% in an area that had been stroked by DeLay for months (and continues to be) with millions of dollars in pork at the expense of the American taxpayer. Richard has already announced his intention to run again. Send him a contribution now, and let other people know Texas had the choice of an honest man who cared about his country, and instead chose an immoral liar and thief who is leading American down the path to ruin.

    By Anonymous Sandra Brown, at 11:24 AM  

  • I'm suprised Mr. DeLay took time out from collecting his bribes/donations to interject the Congress into a private and painful matter such as the Schiavo situation. "Have you no decency, Sir. Have you no shame."

    By Anonymous Dermot J. Ryan, at 11:27 AM  

  • Terri Schiavo was a bulimic: she would have hated the fact that she was force-fed for 15 years! But Mr. DeLay's hypocrisy - as with all the members of the Bush administration - knows no end and no shame! I hope The Rapture comes quickly and takes them ALL away. Bye Bye!!

    By Anonymous Sheila Winston, at 12:21 PM  

  • We need to point out with specific facts the evidence that DeLay's biggest friend is DeCeit. When it comes to the republican version of Truth, Justice, and the American way, delay and deceit go hand in hand.

    By Anonymous R. B. Haustein, CPA, at 1:32 PM  

  • You know that DeLay and company would not hesitate to use a family situation such as his own against an opponent. Anonymous commented that they "suffocated" their father. Were an anti-DeLay campaign directed by e. g. Karl Rove, the word "suffocated" would be all over the media. It is tempting to direct the same smear tactics against him: does the end justify the (unsavory) means?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:53 PM  

  • My idea is to call DeLay on his invitation to Bring It On. Tell the media and publicly announce our invitation for him to meet on TV in a forum or whatever manner and let him answer questions. Of course we know he would never accept. He is a known coward.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:38 PM  

  • I believe that the best anti Delay tactic would be to actually call him out on what he really is; at home in the court of the Spanish Inquisition, also at home in the Taliban government of Afganistan. So let's create some commercials that call his heretical acts out for what they are; anti-democracy, anti-Christian, and purely self-serving.

    So let's get to it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:51 PM  

  • He was obviously put in this position for a reason. He is good at lieing, and using political status to opress the poor and . This man has no right to be in congress, his biased opinion brings shame upon the basis which the constitution was founded. He thinks he knows better than the state of florida he intentionally violated state rights for political gain. . He said the 15 year judicial process was not enough probably claimed the republican judge that made his decision was to liberal because they followed the LAW. Please this guy is as sleezy as republicans go, and that's saying alot. We have to get him out before he finds away to combine church and state for his greedy purposes

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:17 AM  

  • Tom Delay, you have done Brought it on yourself! If an aveage Joe would have done what Delay has done, Oh Joe would be doing hard time already. Delay is a discredit to Texas & The U.S.A., I'm ashamed that he is a Texan, cause most of us Texan's are honest, hardworking people barley getting by on what we earn(but they our leaders of all charactor got raise's, by my understanding, whereis the working tax payers raise? Scandaled by Tom Delay, enough is enough, Prosacute Tom Delay NOW and do not let him hide behind his Republican Bully's any longer. Fellow Texans Tom Delay does not care about you or your issue or concerns of our Great State of Texas, So like us texans say; GET A ROPE!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:10 PM  

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