Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Who's came up with TRMPAC?

The Associated Press covers today's New York Times piece on the subpoenaed emails implicating DeLay, and adds in this curious response from the Majority Leader himself:
In Washington, DeLay said the civil case showed only that he took an interest in the committee he helped create.

"Yes, it was my idea. It was our idea -- those of us that wanted to enhance the Republicans that served in the House of Representatives and in the Texas Legislature came up with this idea," he said. "They took the idea and ran with it. I was on the advisory board."

DeLay said that, as an adviser, he agreed the committee should set up a separate account for corporate and campaign contributions: "I thought that was a good idea."

My... our... those of us... they... I...

It gets sooooo confusing.

Setting up a separate fund for corporate funds... yeah, that's a good idea. Obeying the law, that's even a better one.


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