Tuesday, March 29, 2005

WSJ Speaks, Hometown Paper Listens

When the Wall Street Journal speaks, the Houston Chronicle listens. In a news piece today, reporters Michael Hedges and Samantha Levine note that the critical WSJ editorial "took dead aim at [DeLay's] ethical conduct." They also point to stories that DeLay and his family decided to end life support for his father as potentially damaging, since it makes him look opportunistic in grabbing onto the Terri Schiavo case. After giving DeLay's spokesman lots of time to deny that any of this means anything, they save the best quote for the last:

"If you've seen a chicken in the barnyard get a peck on his head so a little blood is showing, then the other chickens all rush in and peck him to death, that is the danger for Tom DeLay right now," said Charlie Wilson, a former Democratic member of Congress from Lufkin. "He's got a little blood on his head, and sometimes that is enough to get you killed."


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