Thursday, March 10, 2005

"Yes I raised money for them."

The Houston Chronicle also covers the DeLay reaction to the subpoenaed emails that surfaced in yesterday's New York Times story.

There are a handful of interesting things here, which should be picked up by enterprising journalists.

The first is these quotes from DeLay:

"Yes, I raised money for them," DeLay said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle, brushing aside any implication that his activities might have been illegal. He has never been named as a target in the criminal investigation.

"Everything that TRMPAC did, they did under the advice of lawyers," he said. "When you have lawyers advising you every step of the way in writing, it's very hard to make a case stick."

This is the farthest DeLay has gone in admitting a connection to TRMPAC and the actual workings of the group. But it begs the question, Did he raise corporate money or just individual funds? The next few sentences seem to set us up for the acknowledgement that he raised corporate funds:

The organizers of TRMPAC set up two bank accounts, one for corporate contributions and another for noncorporate donations, DeLay said.

Asked if he was involved in the transfer or disbursement of TRMPAC funds, he replied, "Absolutely not. The only thing I knew about that was, they created, which I agreed with in my advisory capacity ... two separate funds, two separate bank accounts."

The second interesting issue here is this... Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't remember DeLay doing anything but scoff, brush aside, or redirect any questions regarding TRMPAC. This is the first time, in recent months anyway, DeLay has actually answered substantive questions with substance.

The third thing I noticed was that DeLay did a separate interview with the Houston Chronicle. These are different quotes than you'll find in the AP or others' stories today. Now that might not be a big deal -- it is his hometown paper after all -- but the fact that he feels it necessary to sit down with the Chron can be seen as evidence that he is paying particular attention to how this plays in the district.

Very interesting...


  • Hello,
    This blog is great...thanks for the great work in documenting Delay's past. I especially like the your 'this is your life' them. I have one suggestion: maybe you should put together a few little visual representations of Delay's questionable dealings. If you had this sort of thing on a separate page it would be highly linked to by dkos and others, I think. Two formats come to mind:
    a) A simple timeline of events you've documented (perhaps with links to your posts or actual documentation)
    b) or, perhaps, more creative: a network diagram with Delay in the center and various groups he's had slimy dealings with (again, perhaps more fancy would be if you click on each node you go to a brief description and/or source article).

    What do you think?

    Anyhow, keep up the good work!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:59 AM  

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