Friday, April 29, 2005

Cincy Post has it right.

From the Cincinnati Post editorial board:

DeLay has insisted all along that he's the target of a conspiracy of liberal Democratic activists. Maybe so, but this week's version of that theory was just plain nutty.

"I know some of these leftist groups would love to isolate members of Congress so that we don't talk to Americans," he said. If it's Americans he wanted to talk to, London, South Korea, Moscow and Scottish golf courses were funny places to go looking for them.


  • Close examination of the main stream media will reveal regular mention of the fact that every visit by Tom DeLay to his home District is met with signficant protestors. He is not likely any longer to return home for the solace of like minded people. He has changed his District and his District has changed. Many don't know him. Many more don't like him. That would explain his many foreign trips. How else to get peace and quiet.

    By Blogger District 22 Political Forum, at 10:08 PM  

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