Monday, April 18, 2005

Count former Sen. Bob Dole in the list of GOP eminent grises calling on Tom DeLay to come clean. "My advice would be the sooner you can get out and tell your story the better. Lay it all out," Dole told CNN's "Late Edition." "I think maybe the long knives are out for Tom DeLay," reports the New York Daily News. Meanwhile, the newspaper reported, former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MI), revealing some personal bitterness, called on the White House to stand up and fight for DeLay: "I do think the White House needs to remember that people who fight hard for you as a candidate and for your issues as a President deserve your support, aggressive support," Lott said.

With the heat on his client, Tom DeLay's attorney attempts to defend the congressman's "fact finding" trip to Russia here.

There's also more reporting on the rallying of conservative faithful around Tom DeLay at the NRA convention here. There's definitely some dissent in the conservative ranks, however, reports The New York Times, as folks learn the tawdry details of Ralph Reed's connections to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and how Reed accepted money from gambling interests. Of course it's only one small step from Abramoff to DeLay...

And, on a more personal note, if you are wondering why David Donnelly is not blogging today, it's because he is running the Boston Marathon. Maybe there are some marathoners out there who are blogging while running, but we hope not. We wish him luck and we'll keep you posted on his progress, just as we keep you informed about the latest on Tom DeLay.


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