Sunday, April 03, 2005

DeLay losing it at home

The Houston Chronicle conducted a Wednesday to Friday poll of 501 voters in DeLay's district. Here are the highlights:

  • Only 38.4% of voters chose DeLay when given the choice who to vote for between DeLay and "someone else."
  • Amazingly, 30.6% had a very unfavorable view of Tom DeLay. Only 22% had a very favorable.
  • Just 38.5% said he deserves re-election, with 49.2% said it's time for someone new.
  • Voters were split over whether it was very important to Texas that DeLay was a national leader or that it was not important at all -- 36.6% said very important, 35.7% said it was not important at all.
  • Close to 35% of voters view DeLay as somewhat or very unethical, with 9.6% not sure.
  • Almost 40% has grown less favorable toward DeLay, with his actions as Majority Leader (17.9%), comments by DeLay himself (13.3%) and his ethics scandals (10.8%) the leading reasons why.
There's more in the story, so go read it.

Thanks to ThinkProgress and Houtopia for the tips.


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