Monday, April 18, 2005

From WSJ to Doonesbury, DeLay is a Liability

The WSJ (no link) cites the letter we helped organize last week from 10 former GOP lawmakers urging House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) to reinstate old ethics rules overturned by the GOP last January: "Their home states represent every region in the nation, and the letter demonstrates how badly Republican leaders have fared in the public-relations war over House ethics." The article reports that Hastert "shows no willingness to reverse himself but compromises are being discussed." Why? Because without the Democrats' cooperation, the House Ethics Committee can't start its work, and the Democrats won't cooperate unless there's a change in the ethics rules, and without the Committee starting its work, there's no hearing for Tom DeLay. Ahhh, the headaches DeLay is causing for his colleagues.

Also, check out today's Doonesbury.

Finally, an update from the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, David Donnelly developed a severe shin splint during the race, the bane of runners everwhere. Even so, he made it to mile 20. We suspect that this is not his last marathon.


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