Friday, April 29, 2005

NBC News exposes lobbyist paid for DeLay travel to Russia

On last night's NBC's Nightly News:

The cost of DeLay's room, with all the amenities, was $295 a night. On the bill, charges for DeLay and his chief of staff are mixed with Abramoff's — room charges, sports pool bar, mini bar and phone, for a total of $3,302.50

A document obtained by NBC News shows DeLay was informed soon after the trip, by the non-profit National Center for Public Policy, that it paid the bill — which is allowed under House rules. But NBC News has learned the expenses were, in fact, put on the credit card of a lobbyist and a Russian businessman.

A source close to the case says $885 was charged to Abramoff’s credit card, and records indicate the rest was put on the credit card of Alexander Koulakovsky, general manager of a Russian oil and gas company called NAFTASib.


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