Friday, April 01, 2005

New litmus test for GOP Representatives: Stand by your man, or else

No joke.

Support DeLay, or else.

Groups on the far right are rallying grassroots troops to support DeLay. The targets: wavering GOP members of Congress, who obstensibly are led by DeLay in the House. Do you think this will go over well with moderate GOP members of the House already worried about DeLay's scandals and what it's doing to the Republican Party?

Wow. This might be brutal, or fun, to watch.

Can't help to think that the ads we're running add a little fuel to this fire. Go watch them and make a donation.

Josh Marshall writes this up at Talking Points Memo, too. Go read it.

Update: And David Sirota has this, and Think Progress has this. Read them too.

Update 2: American Conservative Union has put out this statement. Are you talking to us? I don't know what planet this guy is on.


  • I just heard the Pope has passed away.

    I assume Tom Delay will call for a Congressional investigaton of the Catholic Church for not taking extraordinary efforts to keep him alive - such as demanding a miracle.

    Someone will have to raise a lot of money to give to Tom so he can launch his investigation.

    By Anonymous Donhall, at 1:38 PM  

  • Rick Scarborough, a far right wing religious extremist in Pearland, Texas, has successfully taken over the city govt/schools, etc., and brags about going after the state. This probably shouldn't concern the rest of the country, except that one of Scarborough's supporters is non other than our Majority Leader of the House, Tom Delay.

    We saw Delay in action last week with the Schiavo case, but it is clear now that Delay's real motives for appearing to want to save the life of a woman was merely the beginning of his own agenda. I get a chill thinking about the damage Delay can inflict on our judicial system and constitution. He isn't alone--he seems to have full support of Senator Frist and many other Republicans and even the WH.

    Southern Baptists and Partisan Politics in 1996
    Perhaps the furthest out of all the Right Wing Activist Baptist pastors is Rick Scarborough of First Baptist church in Pearland, Texas. At the National Coalition rally I attended Tom DeLay of the U.S. Congress told the audience to follow Rick's example who took over his local school board, county and city governments and was going after the state. Rick does not hide such partisan activities. He even bragged about his action in Jerry Falwell's newspaper and in his personal testimony as delivered through a fundamentalists Baptist paper.(9) Scarborough's political advisory board is lined with Religious Right figures and notably David Barton.(10) Rick's abrasive actions have angered local citizens in the area of the church. It has also drawn investigative action by government agencies. It is no doubt that the 1996 elections will bring with it further church participation in secular partisan activity. Americans United warned churches not to hand out the Coalition voter guides which they say are obviously partisan. Pat Robertson just sent out a letter assuring churches of their legal right to hand them out. The courts are still dealing with this issue. It will be interesting to see how much deeper Southern Baptist will be drug into the political arena.

    Rick Scarborough's political activists testimony was given at the annual SBC meeting in 1996. His story was also featured along side of Peter Marshall's interview in SBC Life.(11) Marshall is the Christian Coalition's leading national figure who assaults traditional church/state views. At the national Coalition rally I attended in 1996 Pat Buchanan told the audience about all the churches he spoke at in Louisiana. I would be interested to know the names of those churches. Southern Baptists are certainly coming to the forefront of the new Religious Right.
    Americans United: Weekend Warriors DeLay, who led things off on Friday night, echoed that view. Tracing his career in politics, the House majority whip, who is in line to become majority leader if the GOP retains control of the House after the November elections, noted that he got interested in running for state office in Texas because he was fed up with government interference in his pest extermination business. His wife prodded him to attend a local Republican Party meeting, where someone suggested he run for the legislature.
    "It was the first time the Lord talked to me in very meaningful terms," DeLay said. He said he became "obsessed" with running for the office and worked so hard he successfully defeated a Democrat at a time when Republicans were weak in Texas.

    DeLay, a Baptist, spent six years in the Texas legislature and ran for Congress successfully in 1984. Despite the divine intervention in his earlier campaigns, DeLay told the crowd that he was still not a committed believer when he went to Washington

    "The Rev. Rick Scarborough, pastor of First Baptist, Pearland, followed Barton on Friday night. Scarborough, who runs a fledgling Religious Right group called Vision America, spoke for less than 10 minutes. He lauded DeLay as a man "anchored in Christ" and said the majority whip's critics "don't tell the truth about those who are advancing the kingdom."

    Scarborough reiterated the theme that the Bible mandates political action. He called American culture "exceedingly sinful" and said it is that way "because you and I have abandoned it."

    Conference materials issued in advance of the event indicated that Scarborough would discuss his successful effort in electing church members to the Pearland School Board and city council. But Scarborough, who says he was motivated to intervene in local politics because he did not like the sex education program at his daughter's high school, never mentioned the political situation in Pearland during his remarks."

    By Anonymous nnrecrut, at 4:33 PM  

  • When people become drunk with power they become careless, break laws in the "name of God," and pursue wreckless pseudo-agendas. What's sad is that our country is basically in thier hands. Well, not for long. The Republican party is becoming so fragmented with infighting, and extremist Republicans are realizing a developing estrangement from the average American agenda. There's no reversing this process, no matter how much Karl Rove can try. So, instead of the Democratic party moving to the moderate bench (as so sadly rumored by the inane media), non-extremist Republicans have found themselves pushed out of their own party. Security hawks such as Woolsey, McFarlane, and Gaffney are cozying up with the populist agenda--in the name of national security, of course (ironically, most Democrats realized a long time ago that dependence on foreign oil is a bad thing). McCain et al are finding it difficult to take a "Republican" position, lest they be labeled too "moderate" by an overzealous group of religious politicoextremists. An overwhelming percentage of the country (including many evangelicals) want things to take a different track. Dean is a vicious bulldog, and I know (thank the Lord) that he (or the actions of a few stupid Republicans) will convince the American people that we need REPRESENTATIVES, not disrepresentatives (like DeLay). Things couldn't be better for Democrats. By God, boys and girls, take back our country before the psychos run it into the ground.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:27 PM  

  • The Comment below was taken from the Dailykos blog:

    "What is the price of conservatism? What is the criteria for membership in the movement? What is demanded of those who seek the support of its eminences gris?
    Morton Blackwell, Republican National Committee member from Virginia and a member of ACU's board, said Republicans are being told support for Mr. DeLay is mandatory if they want future support from conservatives.

    "Conservative leaders across the country are working now to make sure that any politician who hopes to have conservative support in the future had better be in the forefront as we attack those who attack Tom DeLay," he said."

    Well. It appears that the movement is now beholden to the furtherance of the haphazard career of Tom DeLay. Tom DeLay, who in terms of tugging at social conservatives for money and support -- and then stabbing them in the back behind the scenes -- among the worst the United States Congress has to offer. Tom DeLay, who threatened the career of a Congressman's son to help ram through the disastrous, un-conservative Medicare bill. Tom DeLay, who knew full well that Jack Abramoff was the sort of man that any ethical public servant would assiduously avoid -- and went on junkets with him anyway. Tom DeLay, who has had a grand jury chipping away at his inner circle for months. Tom DeLay, who helped erode the informal checks that maintain republican governance in America by pioneering the detestable practice of off-year redistricting. Tom DeLay, who is, unlike his Senate counterpart, not incompetent, but nonetheless dirty. (Update: I am reminded, too, that this is also the Tom DeLay who forced through changes in the House ethics rules on indictments to safeguard his leadership position -- another nail in the coffin bearing the corpse of GOP rectitude.)"

    By Anonymous nnrecrut, at 12:39 PM  

  • Do any of you'll think that it would be better if DeLay doesn't resign and the Democrats can use him as a "boogeyman" right up to the 2006 elections?

    By Blogger Thomas, at 11:51 PM  

  • Dick Cheney rebukes Tom DeLay in this article:

    By Blogger Thomas, at 12:01 AM  

  • Thank you nnrecut for your information connecting Rick Scarborough and Tom Delay. I grew up in Pearland while Scarborough was at the height of his power and was friends with his late daughter. He is a cheating liar who has deceived and hurt many people, just like Delay.

    By Blogger Abigail, at 3:20 PM  

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  • to rev.scarborough and other evilgelicals that think its the morality stupid,well you call bush and his rethugs moral,when you stop wars of chice i`ll about the the zygotes.

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