Sunday, April 10, 2005

News round-up

You take a day off, and you miss all sorts of stuff.

Here's a round up of news stories from Friday and Saturday.

The LA Times editorializes that the "everybody does it" excuse is familiar:

"Everybody does it." When children say that, their mothers ask: "Would you jump off a cliff if everyone did it?" Maybe Republican defenders of DeLay are thinking, "yes."

NPR reports on DeLay's vulnerability among other Republicans.

Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times calls DeLay delusional.

An ethics impasse sayeth, the Washington Post edit board

David Brooks of the New York Times jumps in again, saying:

Then there is the Tom DeLay situation. Conversations with House Republicans in the past week leave me with one clear impression: If DeLay falls, it will not be because he took questionable trips or put family members on the payroll. It will be because he is anxiety-producing and may become a political liability.

Newsday opines that DeLay has stepped over the line.

Last but not least, Fox News gets into the act.

Any number of these would otherwise warrant a longer post, but there's other stuff brewing... more soon.


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