Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Round up of good quotes on ethics rules stories from The Note

From ABC News' The Note:

Washington Post (Allen): A "Republican adviser" says "There will be a [political] cost to this, but if he had not done this, the cost would continue to increase."

Washington Post (Allen): A House Republican leadership aide" says the "automatic-dismissal rule is 'the rule that is most commonly believed to be designed to protect Tom DeLay' and that it was 'impossible to win the communications battle' on it.'"

New York Times (Hulse): "one senior Republican official" said "We fumbled the ball badly."

Los Angeles Times (Curtius): "Senior GOP aides" said "it would rob Democrats of a potent political weapon by resurrecting the House ethics process."

Los Angeles Times: (Curtius): "One exasperated GOP congressman" said "Why did they do it that way? Because they could."

Note advice: call the Speaker, the Leader, and/or White House now, and confess, you blind quoters, before they call you on it.


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