Monday, April 04, 2005

Steve and Cokie Roberts Add Their Two Cents

Political commentators Steve and Cokie Roberts offer up these tidbits on DeLay, his ethical woes, and what should be done about them and DeLay:
"Thanks to his repeated refusal to play by the ethical rules, DeLay has stained the reputation of the institution he leads. And his fellow Republicans have compounded the damage by sabotaging the system for holding members accountable.

"This is a major scandal and a disgrace to the House of Representatives, an institution we dearly love. It's far worse than the scandal that drove Democratic Speaker Jim Wright out of office in 1989. And yet DeLay seems to be getting away with it, at least for now. But maybe not forever. Arrogance can be the most fatal of flaws...

"But by protecting their leader and ignoring his sins, House Republicans are damaging their integrity and diminishing their institution. The Hammer should be held accountable for his actions. As Gingrich warned, Republicans who look the other way are playing a dangerous game."

Click here to read the entire column.


  • All this talk and commentary is very entertaining....though useless (like children huddling in a tree-house to quietly condemn the neighborhood bully)

    Also, all of this elitist ranting and rhetoric is wearing thin with the American people. Most of us realize the same corporate interests which control the lawmakers, representatives and judges also control the mainstream ("Liberal"??) media as well.

    Anymore, "journalists" are as relevant as the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. They play lap-dog for the most powerful polticians, obediently suppressing the truth and supporting corporate Americas' disenfranchisement of the working class while not-so-convincingly role-playing "Good Cop/Bad Cop" for the camera with govt. henchmen and greedy neo-capitalists, audaciously comparing themselves to Woodward and Bernstien while clicking champaign glasses with the likes of Ken Lay, Karl Rove and Tom Delay at $400/plate dinners, ultimately spewing the same groupthink of KGB-like surveillance to curb dissent, mass immigration for cheaper labor and preemptive invasions so that U.S. corporations can continuously privatise global "Lilly Pads" using the limbs and lives of U.S. soldiers (our children)

    By the way, - what did Rather mean by "Courage" when he signed off?

    Please spare me the "upper-class martyr" act.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:09 PM  

  • Provided it does not get buried by coverage of the pope's funeral, I think last night's ABC World News Tonight "Physician of the Year" phony awards story may just be the tipping point for the downfall of Tom DeLay.

    Are not the activities revealed by this story, including the fact that dozens and dozens of doctors were asked to pay $1.250 to the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee to get their "awards," just the sort of thing that we the people can readily understand and easily see as highly and outrageously unethical?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:16 PM  

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