Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Tom DeLay Energy Bill

The New York Times reports that Tom DeLay is the main force behind a provision in the about-to-be-debated energy bill to funnel up to $2 billion over 10 years into research for recovering oil and gas from the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The Times also reports that conservation groups are planning an advertisement urging lawmakers to vote against the "MTBE-Tom DeLay" bill, referring to the provision DeLay backs that protects manufacturers of the gasoline additive MTBE from lawsuits over pollution. For those of you following the money, the oil and gas industry contributes more to DeLay than any other--$560,400 since 1989--and he ranks fourth among his House colleagues for contributions from this industry.


  • Shielding MTBE makers from product liability lawsuits for contamination of drinking water supplies is a good thing for Tom DeLay’s constituents, isn’t it? Or is it a good thing for MTBE makers and Tom DeLay, whose pockets the MTBE makers line?

    By Anonymous Matthew, at 2:40 PM  

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