Monday, April 25, 2005

WaPo national poll

The Washington Post conducted a national survey April 21-24 among likely voters and included questions regarding Tom DeLay. Here are the results:

On another subject, do you approve or disapprove of the way Tom DeLay is handling his job as majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives?

Approve: 35%
Disapprove: 38%
No opinion: 27%

How closely have you been following the ethics charges that have been made agaist DeLay -- very closely, somewhat closely, not too closely or not closely at all?

Very closely: 8%
Somewhat closely: 28%
Not too closely: 29%
Not closely at all: 35%
No opinion: 1%

Do you think DeLay should step down as majority leader, or retain in his job?

Step down: 41%
Remain in his job: 32%
No opinion: 28%

My reaction:

a) With relatively few people paying attention (so far), DeLay's approval numbers are very low. Politicians like to have a better than three to one ratio in approval numbers, not worse than one to one ratio.

b) Having a plurality of voters, and more than two out of every five, wanting you to step down is not a good thing for DeLay.

c) We need to continue to educate people about DeLay's scandals, particularly those who have no opinion about the way DeLay is handling his job.

What's your take?

Update: The Washington Post's key finding (since they have the crosstabulations, they can tell us stuff like this!):

Among the 36 percent who said they have been following the allegations against DeLay, nearly two in three said DeLay should step down.


  • I agree with your take on DeLay. I think if it was anyone else in Congress, they would have been long gone by now. But alas, that's what money can do for you on Capitol Hill.

    I'm impressed with the amount of attention that DeLay has gotten for his ethical transgressions. It is kind of hard to ignore when he has so blatantly disregarded the rules on so many occasions. Anyone with anykind of moral being of any political party should be calling for his resignation. The longer Republicans in Congress stick with him, the more culpable they become.

    While I certainly do not agree with anything DeLay has ever done, I think he may be the best thing that has happened to the Democratic Party in terms of the 2006 elections. Through their unquestioning support, Republicans support the rampant deception and corruption that DeLay represents within the Washington establishment, which ironically they so frequently despised back in their 1994 takeover.

    Hopefully someone strong will run in CD22 to give the district the representation it deserves in Congress, largely disregarded by DeLay. I was surprised to hear that Morrison withdrew from the race today. However, I think Lampson has a good chance since part of his former district was included in CD22 when it was redistricted.

    By the way, DeLay will be in Galveston with Bush today (April 26). They will be speaking about their proposals for overhauling Social Security at 12:30pm in the University of Texas Medical Branch's Levin Hall. Just thought I would mention it in case anyone wanted to go protest.

    By Anonymous Marc, at 1:05 AM  

  • Nasty piece on Delay's trip to Moscow:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:42 AM  

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