Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Where's our security?"

From the AP story on the Republican reversal on ethics rules:

Republicans leaving their weekly meeting in the Capitol basement generally praised Hastert for pivoting on the issue. DeLay seemed annoyed at the crowd of reporters.

"You guys better get out of my way," he said. "Where's our security?"

Several hours later DeLay seemed to be in a jovial mood at his weekly news conference, where he pledged to support the reversal and said he was pulling together 10 years of travel records for a voluntary submission to the ethics committee.

Making friends wherever he goes.


  • The house easily pased (406 Yea, 20 Nay) HR240 to roll back the new rules. The nays were all Republican and included the following Texas representatives:

    Joe Barton - District 6
    Michael C. Burgess - District 26
    John R. Carter - District 31
    John A. Culberson - District 7
    Louie Gohmert - District 1
    Ted Poe - District 2
    Mac Thornberry - District 13

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:31 PM  

  • This goes to show that ethics will prevail. When they do, we will take back the country from extremists, restore the security and integrity of our country and economy. The individuals who are willing to confront real American problems--who are not distracted by protecting their ethically challenged majority leader--will provide our nation the strength it is lacking due to the past five years of Republican ineptitude. Who cares about gays getting married if we are not any safer on airplanes than we were four years ago? Who cares about filibusters when solid facts show that several countries are requisitioning WMDs? Who cares about social security when our economy may fall to shambles in the coming years because of energy prices and a leadership who is unable to confront the real issues behind economic problems???

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:54 AM  

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