Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bad, bad man

Watch out, Republican members of Congress: PAC announced it's taking its campaign to fire Tom DeLay to your district next week, just in time for you to be there, unless you are travelling on a lobbyist's credit card to play golf overseas. PAC's Tom Matzzie puts it succinctly:

"Tom DeLay is a bad, bad man."

What do we suggest we do with a "bad, bad man"? Well, if he's in Congress, we should demand that he resign. Now.


  • The District 22 political forum spoke to people in all four counties of Tom DeLay's home District. The people stay aware that the final word on Tom DeLay will come from their choices at the ballot box. He faces a Primary challenge in March AND a general election challenge from a worthy opponent in November. An informed electorate here in the District will take care of this situation long before the hue and cry from the national forces can have an impact. Keep an eye on the people in the District. The are ready to show they have had enough.

    By Blogger District 22 Political Forum, at 9:09 PM  

  • There's another bad, bad man. Congressman Jerry Weller from the 11th Congressional District of Il. He's recieved money from DeLay's pac. He recently married "The General" Dictator Rios Montt's daughter. Zury Rios Sosa (alias Mrs. Weller) has been a part of her father's political party all her adult life, he is her role model! In true Bush - DeLay Form, Weller refuses to admit anything wrong concerning his father-in-law or his "wife." He defends them both. For more info on Weller Family Values, check out a blog by embarrassed constituents of Weller at

    By Blogger Kankakee Voice, at 12:34 AM  

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