Saturday, May 07, 2005

Bob Ney protest in Times Recorder of Zanesville

The Times-Recorder in Zanesville, Ohio picked up our press conference/protest of Rep. Bob Ney and his involvement in a shady purchase of a casino business in Florida by one of his donors. Ney still hasn't answered our questions.

Here's a long excerpt:

Surrounded by a handful of cheering residents, Becky Sheline strode into Congressman Bob Ney's district office in downtown Zanesville on Friday, demanding answers over his involvement with a controversial business deal in 2000.

Ney, R-St. Clairsville, is accused of allegedly using his political influence to facilitate a business deal involving Washington lobbyist Jack Abramhoff [sic] in the purchase of a chain of casino ships in Florida.

"We sent Ney to Congress so he could represent us, and I don't think he's representing the values and morals of this area," Sheline said. "I feel the citizens of the 18th District deserve answers to these questions."

According to recent reports in the Washington Post, Ney inserted remarks into the congressional record on two occasions in 2000 regarding the management of SunCruz Casinos.

The timing of Ney's statements, which coincided with sales negotiations between Abramhoff associate Adam Kidan and previous SunCruz owner Gus Boulis, has raised suspicion over the extent of his involvement.

The Public Campaign Action Fund helped organize Friday's event. Group spokesman David Donnelley [sic] said that, in light of the ethical turmoil enveloping Congress, the time is now for Ney to respond.

"We still don't have any answers to these questions." Donnelley said, "And if (Ney) won't answer our group, he can at least answer his constituents."

Ney is also under suspicion for exerting his political clout on behalf of Abramhoff regarding an attempt to reopen a casino in El Paso, Texas, run by the Tigua Indian tribe in 2002.

Despite the spelling errors of two names (mine and Abramoff -- probably the only thing we have in common), a pretty good account... Way to go Zanesville residents!


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