Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Call on Hastert to Appoint Outside Counsel

In response to the news that Reps. Cole and Smith were recusing themselves, Public Campaign Action Fund put out the statement below:

Watchdog Group Calls on Hastert to Appoint Outside Counsel on DeLay

WASHINGTON, May 4 -- Public Campaign Action Fund called on House Speaker Dennis Hastert to appoint an outside counsel to investigate Tom DeLay, and released the following statement from David Donnelly, its National Campaigns Director, on the decision by Representatives Tom Cole and Lamar Smith to recuse themselves from the Ethics Committee investigation into Tom DeLay's scandals:

"Congress has proven that it cannot police itself when it comes to matters of abuse of power. We call on Speaker Hastert to appoint an outside counsel to investigate Mr. DeLay.

"If Speaker Hastert rejects this call, he should use this test to determine who will review Tom DeLay's actions: Any member of Congress who has made a contribution to Tom DeLay's legal defense fund or received a contribution from his political action committee should be ineligible to sit in judgment of Mr. DeLay's unethical behavior.

"Nowhere in America but in Congress can a jury be bought by the defendant."



  • Wonder who else needs to excuse themselves for jetting to florida for vicarious pleasures.

    Lobbyist linked to SunCruz
    Bank fraud inquiry targets Abramoff
    By Susan Schmidt
    and James V. Grimaldi The Washington Post
    Posted May 1 2005

    "...On Jan. 19, 2001, Boulis went to court, seeking an injunction to prevent Kidan from operating the boats and to force him to make his payments to Boulis.

    The next day, Kidan and Scanlon were guests at a reception in DeLay's Capitol Hill office celebrating the inauguration of George W. Bush, according to two people who were at the reception.

    A week later, Abramoff and his partners leased a corporate jet to ferry congressional staffers down to Tampa for the Super Bowl game and a night of gambling aboard a SunCruz ship. Among those aboard were DeLay aide Tim Berry, who is now DeLay's chief of staff, and two staffers to Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont.

    Berry failed to report the trip on his disclosure forms. A DeLay spokesman said Berry had no idea SunCruz paid for the trip. He thought it was a fund-raising trip allowable under House rules...",0,593660.story?coll=sfla-news-nationworld

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