Friday, May 20, 2005

Democracy 21 Releases Ethics Report

Democracy 21 today released a new report titled House Majority Leader DeLay's Ethics Problems: The Ethics Rules and Issues that Need to Be Addressed by the House Ethics Committee. You can read the report here.


  • The federal bribery statute makes it a crime for a public official, including a Member ..., to ask for or receive gifts, money or other things of value in connection with the performance of official duties..

    Could the Nick Smith incident be construed as a violation of federal bribery laws?

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    For Immediate Release

    For World Wide Release via the Internet

    Contact: Steven L. Reed 417-866-4453

    Website and e-mail pending and under construction

    Paperwork has been mailed to the Federal Election Commission, (FEC
    FORM 1 STATEMENT OF ORGANIZATON), to form a non-connected committee
    called Draft Kreider US Congress.

    FOUNDER Steven Reed of Springfield who has known Jim Kreider for
    years and helped on all of his campaigns for State Representative
    except the first one, stated, "When he was in office he responded to the people directly. He is a people person who is in touch with the citizens of southwest Missouri".

    "Jim Kreider as a State Representative and as Missouri House Speaker was always in contact with the people. He was and is a REAL PEOPLE PERSON--who wants to see the government do its job and he worked to
    cut taxes in Missouri," says CO-FOUNDER Jeff Kenkel restaurant owner and housing developer of Ozark.

    It has been said when there is a need to be filled the people have a duty to reach out to those who have the abilities to succeed in
    filling that need. If there ever was a need and opportunity for
    someone to replace Roy Blunt in the U.S. Congress that need is NOW. Jim Kreider has the abilities and experience to succeed in filling that need and the people hope to help him decide to seize the

    Roy Blunt's stands on Social Security and other issues have caused many to wonder if he has lost touch with the people. A lot of people are beginning to wonder if maybe there is more to Tom Delay and Roy Blunt than just being buddies.

    In the last few years Roy Blunt has let money and power take over his thought patterns and he has lost touch with the people of the 7th District. Even Reuters ran a story on Sunday April 17, 2005 which quoted Roy Blunt as saying "Tom Delay will stay as leader---the
    number 3 Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives. "Roy Blunt and Tom Delay are morphing into one name and the corruption and possible indictments are turning people off all across the United
    States and the world as far as that goes," according to Steven Reed.

    "Ask people in Missouri or across the nation, what they don't like
    about politics and they will tell you money, power, and corruption
    according to Reed. And these guys are becoming the Poster Children
    for those things and its becoming embarrassing they are still running the country. There are likely more people investigating possible felony indictments of Tom Delay than the USA has people looking for Ben Laden." Reed says.

    People need to go to Google where there are about 73,400 references
    for roy blunt tom delay. Then you have Matt Blunt the Missouri
    Governor who has cut 100,000 people off Medicaid including seniors
    and those with disabilities. "I would not want the name Blunt

    right now because a lot of people are becoming furious with their
    actions" according to Reed.

    Here is some of what Congressman Roy Blunt is doing:

    - Roy Blunt has taken $16,019 from Tom DeLay's ARMPAC. No surprise
    that Blunt voted with Tom Delay 77% of the time between Jan. 1, 2004 and March 31, 2005.

    - Roy Blunt voted to weaken the ethics rules in a move that many say served only to protect Tom DeLay.

    - When Democrats offered a solution to clean up the House by
    strengthening ethics rules, Roy Blunt voted to make sure it never
    even came to an up or down vote.

    - Roy Blunt voted to allow DeLay to continue serving as Leader even
    if he is indicted.

    - Tom DeLay has been admonished three times for his unethical
    behavior, yet Roy Blunt gave DeLay's legal fund $20,000 to help
    defend him. (Source: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)

    Instead of making sure our troops fighting overseas receive proper
    support, he offered an amendment to a spending bill for the Iraq War that benefited UPS and FedEx. Some say he chose corporations over soldiers for son Andrew who is a UPS lobbyist in Jefferson City.

    Instead of offering an amendment to a homeland security bill, that
    had something to do with homeland security, Roy Blunt chose to insert a last-minute provision favored by Philip Morris.

    Some say Blunt chose the money cents of Philip Morris lobbyist
    Abigail Perlman over the common sense of his faithful wife. In case you hadn't heard, Blunt divorced the mother of his children and is
    now married to the previous (precious) tobacco lobbyist.

    Norman Ornstein, of the conservative American Enterprise Institute said, "you really do run into a problem at a point where you're not just defending DeLay but you're wrapping yourself in his ethics."

    When asked by Tim Russert of Meet the Press if Tom Delay has done
    anything wrong, Blunt responded in a very direct manner. "My
    impression is he has not done anything wrong," Blunt said.

    Reports show Tom Delay's Legal Defense fund received from Blunt's
    staffers a lot of money from Jan. 1 to March 31. Delay received $500 a peice from four aides in Blunt's leadership office-Mildred Webber, Amy Steinmann, Brian Gaston and Sam Geduldig. Keri Ann Hayes, the executive director of Blunt's Rely on Your Beliefs PAC, also kicked in $500, while Amy Filed, Blunt's personal office chief of staff, gave $250.


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  • I am inviting you to take action stop Tom DeLay's corruption. I already sent a message to Tom DeLay's corporate backers and you can too by visiting

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  • Fire Tom DeLay!
    House Republican Majority Leader Rep. Tom DeLay has a pattern of repeated legal and ethical scandals. Yet he remains in one of the most important positions in our government—deciding what legislation Congress considers. Sign our petition to urge Congress to fire Tom DeLay as Majority Leader. The goal is to top 500,000 petition signers by the end of the month and deliver these petitions to Republican members of Congress and local Republican Parties during the first week in June. A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to Congress when you click the link below.

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  • Make no mistake, Roy Blunt is and has been the "fetch it boy" for Tom DeLay for years. You don't rise to the 3rd ranking member of the Republican House without kissing up to Tom DeLay.
    Having dumped every value he ever had for the power he enjoys today is exactly the thing that will bring him down. I for one can't wait to send Roy Blunt where he belongs; another ex congressman who lobbies for the people he cares more about than his friends and neighbors in Missouri.

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  • CALL THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE and tell them if they had half a BRAIN they would support the Draft Kreider movement---Crystal King---202-485-3454

    But why worry We all know they are ON TOP OF EVERYTHING---right and they are going to get up and running next summer and win all of Congress for us right--thats why they get paid so much RIGHT??!?

    Public Service Announcement / Press Release
    Contact: Steven Reed, 417-866-4453

    The first planning meeting for the Draft Kreider Organization will be on November 5, 2005 from 10:00am until noon. It will be the pre-anniversary of the 2006 election. The meeting is being scheduled one year ahead of the 2006 Congressional Elections, (i.e. the organization is building a district wide campaign and is already up and running with over three hundred Team Captains). The location will be at The Library Center at 4653 South Campbell Avenue in Springfield, Missouri 65810.

    Additional meetings will be held in all 10 counties of the 7th Congressional District of southwest Missouri in November. For additional information please call 417-866-4453 or see

    # # #

    For Immediate Release:

    Contact: Steven L. Reed 417-866-4453

    It is clear that when a United States Congressman sends a couple lawyers to a TV Station like KY3 and tells them not to run a commercial---that we have a real problem with FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    The following complaint has been sent via e-mail on October 28, 2005 to the Federal Communication Commission.

    According to AMY, a supervisor I spoke with on the telephone, an e-mail complaint can be sent to the Enforcement Bureau at

    We are asking for a complete investigation of the matter including whether U. S. Congressman paid with TAXPAYER MONIES---lawyers to "stop the airing of TV commercials he did not like."

    For details of the situation go to:

    Also see:

    Clearly we appreciate the stations who did not bow to pressure.

    end of complaint

    The Draft Kreider Us Congress campaign will began airing commercials on Tuesday November 1, 2005. Please use the attachments to hear the commercial.

    The commercials (2) will be posted on our website shortly at


    By Blogger DraftKreider, at 9:36 PM  

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