Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Making a Name for Himself.

Tom DeLay has made quite a name for himself in recent months. In Time magazine this week, Perry Bacon Jr. and Karen Tumulty write that according to a poll by Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg, DeLay’s name ID has hit 77 percent.

They also point out that calls to congressional offices concerning Delay have jumped sharply, and his fellow members of Congress are now hearing concern over the scandals when they go home to their districts.

Members of DeLay’s own party, like Mark Sounder (R-Ind.), an “ardent conservative and Delay supporter,” are finding themselves faced with tough questions that threaten to throw them off course.

Souder cautions that, as a scandal brews, “you have to ask how much are you hurting the movement. Tom has to make that decision.”


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