Thursday, May 12, 2005

Reporting and Pictures from the Carnival

NPR's Peter Overby and Andrea Seabrook do a one-two punch tonight. Overby covers DeLay's money ties to other GOP members, including a great quote from Rep. Ray LaHood. His basic story line: There are precious few GOP members who can be objective in investigating DeLay. Seabrook examines the scrample among the GOP members and their staffs to find out what the ethics rules actually are, including a handy card staffers can carry in their wallets. Side #1: Don't solicit anything (PDF). Side #2: Except for these (PDF). Sounds like a plan.

Lou Dubose writes up a description of someone who won't be there to tribute Tom DeLay tonight for

Meghan went over to the Carnival earlier this evening and took a few pictures...

Wheel of Fortune

Corruption smash

Looks like fun!


  • Deemed as A major Republican player in Washington, Congressmen Tom Reynolds has alot of authority to ensure that Tom Delay is held accountable for a gross display of ethical Violations.

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