Friday, May 13, 2005

Reporting Live from K Street

Andrea Seabrook of NPR captured the sights and sounds of the K Street Carnival o' Corruption.

If you didn't make it yesterday, listen here:


  • Mark of a true Elder Statesman is ablility to compromise. Politicians become Elder Statesman only through Compromise. Paradigm of Corporate Hard-Ball does not apply to Public Administration. One cannot represent wishes of each individual Constituent even a minority but Will of Majority is served through Compromise.

    Elder Statesman recognize Genious of Constitutional Law. They are well versed in Constitutional Law. Objectives are acheived to support Constitution rather than Loop-Hole proposals through Legislative Process. Corporate Leadership constantly tries to circumvent Law to maximize profits. Corporate Authority will knowlingly violate law if Cost benefit analysis shows assets will exceed liabilities.

    Corporate Industry not exercising compromise leads to failure as well. Successful Corporate Industry Leaders adapt to change. Survival depends upon ability to rapidly adapt to market changes or new emerging markets. Market flucutations demand that Corporate Leaders adapt products and services to end-user evolving needs. These leaders believe in Research and Developement in any market.

    Public Administrators need to support Public as being primary Customers. When Customer needs are not being met through services of Government, Politicians will loose "Customers". The Art of Elder Statesmanship is really an ability to listen. When Majority of Public shifts its posture well healed Representives will adapt. Trees not bending will snap.

    Legislators cannot invoke Ethics and Morals through Law. General and majority of Public has ethical and moral code. Those that try to effect standards out of normal deviation will isolate themselves. America is suffering from Cognitive Dissodence. Subconscious perception does not match reality. Effect can be traced to Lying, or Propaganda promoting an alternative reality. Magicians can temporarily deceive reality but effects are temporary. Outside Influence on Representative decision-making process ignores and excludes Majority of Americans. Practice emulates Corporate Objectives to reduce liability in order to maximize profits. In otherwards to change existing practice in Senate is an attempt to avoid Liability. Elder Statesman know that collective conscious of Americans is far greater than any tiny group of Politicians.

    Compromise is an exercise of true Power eminating from source of American Government Power, the People. Effecting Conflict rather than Compromise is Juvenile Public Administration. Unless Paradigm of Current Administration changes from Corporate Management to Public Management only minority interests will be served. Administrative demands on Congress and Judicial Branch mulitplies Paradigm of Corporate Leadership invoking more Conflict and Negative Growth. These branches will suffer lapses in Power due to inability to Compromise through faulty Administration Intentions and Practice if they do not remain independent. Effects are witnessed through Iraq, Patriot Act, Shavio, Columbia, Economy, etc... etc...

    (I would say entire Republican party is in a Juvenile growth period, with only a few adolescent outburts and selfish Teenagers. Have only a handful of Potential Elder Statesmen standing in the shadows watching the kids play.)

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