Monday, June 13, 2005

The Columbian Makes a Request of Doc

Editors of The Columbian in Clark County, Washington agrees with Public Campaign member Versa Kang's call on Doc Hastings to appoint an outside counsel to investigate Tom DeLay's scandals.

"Given the severity of the many complaints about Delay.

Given the fact DeLay is a House leader and can make life uncomfortable for GOP lawmakers.

Given revelations this week that Hastings has ties to Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist who is closely linked to DeLay.

And given the probability that if a Republican-led Ethics Committee does not find fault with DeLay's actions it is likely the public will perceive a 'whitewash.'

Given all that, we think Hastings ought to take the advice of a small group of his constituents calling themselves Washingtonians for a Cleaner Congress and step down from the investigation if not from the committee itself."

Kang, a 66-year-old Yakima retiree who has voted for Hastings in the past said: "This really goes to my sense of ethics and accountability."


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