Thursday, June 16, 2005

More explosive info about Cunnigham and defense contractor

North County Times reports this:

Yacht owned by defense contractor docked at Cunningham's slip


A defense contractor whose real estate dealings with Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham have raised ethical questions has another connection to Cunningham: He owns a boat docked at a Washington yacht club ---- a boat on which Cunningham stays while working in the Capitol.

Cunningham, R-Escondido, sits on the House Appropriations Committee, which has awarded millions of dollars to the contractor, Washington-based MZM Inc.

The relationship between Cunningham and MZM President Mitchell J. Wade came under scrutiny earlier this week when news surfaced that another company controlled by Wade purchased Cunningham's Del Mar home in 2003 and later sold it for a $700,000 loss.

Upon learning of the transaction, some experts on government ethics questioned the real estate deal and the relationship between the contractor and the congressman.

Now, another connection between Cunningham and Wade is raising questions ---- a boat owned by Wade and occupied at least part-time by Cunningham.

U.S. Coast Guard records show that Wade owns the 42-foot, 34-ton boat, which bears the name "Duke Stir."

Capital Yacht Club dock master Kelvin Lee said this week that the vessel is docked at Cunningham's slip at the marina on the Potomac River in Washington.

Lee was hesitant to give more details, but did say that until recently, a boat with the name "Kelly C" was docked at the slip. Washington Harbor Police officials said this week that Cunningham is the registered owner of the Kelly C. That boat was removed for possible refurbishment and replaced by the Duke Stir, Lee said.

MZM officials did not return phone calls Wednesday for comment on the boat or Cunningham's living arrangement.

Repeated efforts Wednesday to reach Cunningham by phone in Washington were unsuccessful. However, Cunningham's office sent a written statement from Cunningham saying his use of Wade's boat is within ethical boundaries.



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  • Its a shame to see an ace fighter pilot engaged in a shady deal.

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