Wednesday, July 20, 2005

DeLay retaliates against American Airlines?

American Airlines, under pressure from our friends at American Progress Action Fund's Drop the Hammer campaign, agreed not to give any additional contributions to Tom DeLay's legal defense fund. In a May 3rd statement, Roger Frizzell, American Airlines' Vice President of Corporate Communications, said:

American Airlines does not intend to make any future contributions to Representative DeLay's legal defense fund. The $5000 contribution, made three years ago, was done by an individual who is no longer part of American Airlines.

Today, Tom DeLay apparently retaliated. Associated Press reports that DeLay offered his support for removing the 1979 "Wright Amendment," which prohibits long-distance commercial travel from Dallas-area Love Field. The other area airport, Dallas/Fort Worth, is home to American Airlines, which opposes the repeal of the Wright Amendment.


  • Damn, I hate it when I agree with a slimeball like Delay. It may be retaliation against AA, but the Wright Amendment sucks and always has. It is a give away to AA against Southwest Airlines.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:18 PM  

  • Not so fast:
    Southwest could be duping you into thinking that it would add a bunch of low-fare service from Love Field, but actually it wouldn't.

    The 1997 Shelby amendment allows flights to Mississippi, Alabama and Kansas. Southwest doesn't offer nonstop service from Love to any of those states.

    If the Wright amendment is lifted and American starts to compete fully against Southwest at Love Field, D/FW has fewer flights and fewer passengers.

    The costs of D/FW are ultimately paid for by the airlines. That means American has the most to lose, because AA would have to finance flying at Love, and pay more per passenger to operate out of a shrinking D/FW.

    Both Dallas and Fort Worth own D/FW and use their credit ratings to support its finances. American would conceivably have to stop flying for the airport to face a financial crisis that would put the cities -- and their taxpaying citizens -- in harm's way.

    (I live in Ft Worth)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:59 PM  

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