Thursday, August 25, 2005

DeLay Loss Would be a "Disaster" for GOP

Political analysts see the announcement of Vice President Dick Cheney's September fundraiser for embattled Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay as proof of the GOP's "anxiety" over the fate of a lawmaker who once seemed unbeatable.

"'It would be such a disaster' for the GOP if DeLay loses, said Ross Baker, a congressional expert at Rutgers University, adding that the decision to send in Cheney looks like payback for DeLay, whose help was crucial on a number of close votes, including Medicare and a bankruptcy law overhaul," Todd Gillman of the Dallas Morning News writes.

Fourteen months out, DeLay's poll numbers in his district are slipping, following his closest win ever in 2004, with just 55% of the vote.

Lance Leloup a political scientist at Washington State University, said it looks "desperate" for the House leader to require such early help from the White House.

"He is in trouble," Leloup said. "It's not one thing and you wait a week and it goes away. Month after month there's some new ethical issue."


  • The hell with him being in trouble, force the asshole to resign point blank!!

    Time for prison.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:20 PM  

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