Friday, September 09, 2005

Disaster, According to DeLay

Glenn Smith of hit the Hammer on the head with a post at Blogging of the President. Think about the difference between the federal response to DeLay's request that Texas lawmakers get tracked down in Oklahoma versus the federal response, and DeLay's, to Hurricane Katrina. In Glenn's words:

What could make it clearer that the getting and keeping of political power is all that matters to these craven fools? With this ethos, saving lives is secondary to the appearance of saving lives. Isn't that exactly what we've seen?

To them, the functions of government are irrelevant beyond their usefulness in lining their pockets and enhancing their power. This is, of course, the very character of tinhorn totalitarians: use Big Government to reward your cronies, punish your enemies, ignore the needs of the people, and eventually destroy the middle class by looting the treasury.

These two little stories betray the real priorities of the Bush/DeLay GOP -- as if we needed more proof. But many do need such evidence. Too many Americans live in an "it can't happen here" world. "Bush may screw up, but he means well."

No, these people don't mean well. They mean to do exactly what they do. And what they mean to do begins and ends with their own power. The rest of us are irrelevant.


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